Michaela Yearwood-Dan


Michaela Yearwood-Dan is London-based painter whose work explores ideas around class, race, gender, culture and nature. Her latest body of work was inspired by personal stories of love, loss and self-reflection all whilst remaining playful and light-hearted. Her vibrant and luxurious style is underpinned by an expansive repertory of cultural signifiers, borrowing freely from millennial culture, blackness and feminism: texting, acrylic-nails, gold-hoops, carnival culture, and a lush, omnipresent flora which evokes seeding, propagation, growth and alludes to the intimate, infinite possibilities of a diaspora.

Recent and forthcoming exhibitions include a solo show at Tiwani Contemporary (2019), One English Pound, Sarabande, The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation (2019); New Contemporaries, Baltic, Gateshead and Block 336, London (2018); After Cesaire/Morden Tropiques, Platform Southwark, London (2018)