Mary Evans and Emeka Ogboh: Mirrors & Echoes

14 November - 20 December 2014

Tiwani Contemporary is pleased to present Mirrors & Echoes - Mary Evans and Emeka Ogboh, a collaboration between the two artists. This is the first time Mary Evans and Emeka Ogboh have collaborated on an exhibition.

A dialogue between Evans and Ogboh was first established through a radio broadcast during Art Dubai 2013, in which Ogboh (who currently resides in Lagos) and Evans (who left the city as a child), discussed the rapidly evolving landscape of the Nigerian megacity. Evans’ recollection of the sites of her childhood merged with Ogboh’s current observations on his hometown to form a portrait of an ever-changing city, crossing space and time.

Mirrors & Echoes starts where the radio conversation ended, and further investigates notions of memory in relation to place, taking as its particular focus the interface between sound and image.

The exhibition presents entirely new works, many of them site-specific. These include a number of individual works by Evans and Ogboh, as well as a large-scale collaborative installation, which forms the centrepiece of the exhibition.

Comprising paper cut-outs, video, sound and sculptural elements, this multi-faceted collaborative work creates an imaginary space based on the artists’ recollections and current experiences of Lagos. Evans and Ogboh stitch together disparate elements in a multitude of ways, layering media and ideas so it becomes difficult to separate them. In doing so, they create an experience that highlights the intersections and instabilities of memory, history, subjectivity and place, as they evolve over time.